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The Notion of True Belief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Notion of True Belief - Essay ExampleThis paper will begin with a brief introduction to some of the crucial, but general manifestations of the authors position, and in turn, proceed to a more pointed discussion of the nature of the notion of principle, according to Audi. According to Audi, the notion of belief mass in general be translated as opinion or belief, and it is a term which comes from the Ancient Greek. To claim, or to maintain that at that place is an ideal figure of a belief, is to defend the belief in some sense. For Audi , he presents at the first off level, the notion of a belief in terms of the connection with the notion of knowledge through admirer Audi, 2003, p. 36, which is a notion which was developed by Russell. He argues that at that place is sufficient evidence, through the knowledge by acquaintance notion that a belief is justified as a form of knowledge if the design of the belief in question has some form of propositional topic or inference fr om propositions about them Audi, 2003, p. 36. That is, where on that point is a correspondence between the propositional content on the one hand, and on the other hand, the belief which there is supposed to be a relation with. For vitrine, and in keeping with Russells notion of acquaintance, there is a difference between the propositional content of a sensible denotive, and one which is connected with rationality or math Audi, 2003, p. 58. That is, if I can say that I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow, it follows that the propositional content of the belief in question refers to a sensible phenomena on the one hand, and the laws of probability or the nature of companionship which would lead me to believe in such a proposition Audi, 2003, p. 37. However, those which atomic number 18 connected with acquaintance atomic number 18 a form of knowledge where the propositional content does not necessarily have a sensible referent involved. For example, the belief in the truth o f a mathematical proposition. For example, it might be said that the proposition F(N)N +1 + 1 . . ., is a proposition which has a potentially infinite chain of sequences of integers which will follow. This is an example of knowledge by acquaintance in the following regard first, it is not a form of propositional content which has a truth which is guaranteed through down, and second, it is obvious that nobody could experience this in the first place. However, there is the experience of acquaintance. That is, the familiarity with the mathematical reasoning involved with the proposition. That is, where the consequence which cannot necessarily be demonstrated through sense, can be demonstrated by the very rules of mathematics. As is noted by Audi, this has always been an all important(predicate) aspect for the consideration of theological or religious questions in the medieval context, which he describes in terms of the analytical dimensions of the concept of belief Audi, 2003, p. 97. As Audi points out in these pages, the notion of form which is connected to analytic truths are important in a number of senses which are germane to the notion of acquaintance. As a form of knowledge which is of rational truths, it is not the case that the truths are guaranteed by anything more than the rules which govern the given proposition, and it is important that they are known to be beyond sense experience, and hence, beyond the form of reductive thinking which

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Home depot in chile Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

rest home depot in chile - Case Study Example photographic plate Depot adopted the international dodge, when it entered the Chilean market in 1998. As part of that strategy, it tried to implement the same practices and marketing strategies, which they carried step forward in its United States operations. In the case of international strategy, the firm transfers its core competencies and operational strategies to the foreign subsidiary. (Aswathappa 355). bingle of the key operational strategies of Home Depot in U.S. is sizably selling Do-It-Yourself (DIY) overlaps, and they transferred the same to Chile. Instead of multidomestic strategy (which focuses on customizing the product according to the local market) and global strategy (which focuses on selling a product based on a globally formulated strategy), Home Depot adopted international strategy. As it was its outgrowth market expansion out of North America, Home Depot did not have both global strategy. Also, they avoided the multidomestic strategy and did not customize its products according to the Chilean people. So, in line with the international strategy, Home Depot put more of DIY products on its shelves. However, this strategy of transferring the same practices to Chile did not work first because Chilean people were less willing than in the United States to repair their houses by themselves. b.

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The social perception of hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic Research Paper

The social perception of hyper rising prices in the Weimar Republic - Research Paper ExampleThe Weimar Republics condition was an exceptional case non only due to the thusly reparation cases by and by war solely also worsened by decisions made by economists and those who were in power to contain the situation. Hence, leading to indescribable posting to the then citizens where prices found on studies so far contacted seemed to change on hourly basis. Weimar Republics fiscal decisions during then meant to curb the situation not only aroused intense debates shortly afterwards as straightforward from scholars who based on their financial knowledge criticized them even to date. This is according to the way in which the then economists without bite of the upcoming results decided to print more money for publics use. According to Widdig, this was through the insurance of easy money, which entailed the government to embark on excessive printing of more money without adjusting inflatio n and interest rates (Ferguson 270). Hence, contributing to the hiking of goods prices at an extremely alarming rate, which in turn yielded to varied sundry(a) reactions not only among the then few economists who knew the end results but also other scholars afterwards. During then, economists of the day seemed to suffer from myopic conjure in terms being unable to ascertain what will befall the state if they advised the government to print more money with the intention of clearing its internal debts. This study seeks to greet the following two key questions, 1. How contemporaries experienced and understood hyperinflation is a very interesting one. 2. How contemporaneous perception compare to the retrospective analysis of historians and economists only at the end. Between 1921 and 1923, citizens based on their sense modality of payments, expressed mixed reactions concerning the then depreciating paper currency besides universal woes that faced Germanys economy. Those who relied on fixed payment like monthly salaries due to the then escalating prices of goods in relation increase paper notes experienced utter desperation. This is because after payment most of them were unable to purchase what they needed whereby upon receiving after receiving their salaries or betroths rushed immediately to a nearby shop to buy what they could afford forwards money started to depreciate (BBC). Those who were in short term payment terms like wages seemed to make happy the deal because they were capable of negotiating their wages on daily basis or based on hourly intervals to be able to cater for their expenses as well as purchase what they needed (BBC). Despite wage mode of payment benefiting a few people during then although through struggling, the state of hyperinflation was evident not only among those contended to be on investment spree but also the entire state (Ferguson 10). The last mentioned according to Ferguson (10) included industrial sector, which tried its b est to produce more goods meant for the public who had money but kept on depreciating due to the hiking of goods. Hence, increase the demand of goods that turned out out to be extremely high among the people who despite having money could not afford to acquire them because prices were changing spontaneously and within very short time. For instance, a certain father according to BBC news headed to Berlin to purchase a pair of shoes for his son but on his arrival, he could only purchase a loving cup of coffee and save the remaining to cater for his bus fare (BBC). In addition, numerous citizens who had for long worked straining to

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Credit Derivatives Market Overview with Focus on Collateralized Debt Essay

Credit Derivatives Market Overview with Focus on Collateralized Debt Obligations - raise ExampleTherefore each type of entity would make up different strategic motive for taking on positive or negative reliance postures at any given point of time. Generally speech Credit derivatives enable users to transfer assurance risk, generate leverage or yield enhancement, proactively manage credit risk on a portfolio basis, manage regulatory capital ratios, decompose and separate risks embedded in securities (such as in convertible bond arbitrage), use as an alternative vehicle to equity derivatives (such as out-of-the-money equity put options), hedge and/or mitigate credit exposure and synthetically create loanword or bond substitutes for entities that deem not issued thus far for specific maturities. Since much of the activity in credit derivatives is OTC and a good proportion of these negotiations are private and involve off dimension transactions, size of the grocery turns tedious for exact measurement and only education that is available if of the nature of volunteered information from various market participants. An estimate of the global size of this primarily privately negotiated market was placed at $100 billion to $200 billion at the end of 1996. The British Bankers Association (BBA) estimated the size of the capital of the United Kingdom market only to be about $20 billion at the end of 1996. These figures did not admit the credit derivative transactions taken up by a good number of Nipponese securities firms, which was mainly of the type to include credit default puts embedded in privately placed transactions. British Bankers Association (BBA) published a Credit Derivatives Report based on data collected from 25 major international players concerning their... As the report declares credits risks are assumed by varied players in todays credit markets. These include. These include banks, government Agencies, corporates, securities companies, pension funds, insurance companies, fund managers, hedge funds etc. totally of these entities have a calculated and strategic need to assume, reduce or manage credit risks and because the credit derivatives markets have typically players comprising of these entities. However the economic or regulatory motives of each of these entities differ because they have different market positions and are governed by varying regulations. This paper stresses that credit derivatives are the products which involve the transfer, in part or entirety, of the credit risk of a credit obligation, without in any manner resulting in transference of the ownership of the reference credit product. As the conditionalities governing the basic credit products are evolving into ripe and fine tuned structures resulting in varying, splitting and multi-timing of credit risks so are the derived credit derivative products turning assorted and complex almost making for a robust and vibrant credit derivatives market. Credi t default swaps have turned really popular instruments in present days credit derivatives market. CDS are bilateral contracts agreeing to transfer the credit risk of one or more reference entities. The buyer of protection is therefore in a position similar to that of a short seller of a bond issued by the reference entity, and the market price of the CDS mirrors the degrees of risk inherent in the underlying credit asset.

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Frank Lucas involement with the mob in the movie American Gangster Essay

point-blank Lucas involement with the mob in the movie American mobster - Essay ExampleAnd in order to get through that, he got his 100% pure poop directly from source in Bangkok, where opium plants were also cultivated. Accordingly, he could sell this high quality dope at a lower price. He branded his testify product as Blue antic which became the subroutine one brand of heroin in Harlem and new(prenominal) cities in the US. Frank Lucas The Original American gangster 3 Frank Lucas The Original American Gangster And His Conflict with Italian Mafia 1Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the maintain go forth show and you will hear that Frank Lucas is the most dangerous man walking the streets of our city - Det. Richie Roberts. Frank Lucas is one of the most thriving heroin importers in US. What made Frank being successful was his unique marketing strategy. He thinks and acts like an executive slayicer. He realized that he could only achieve success once he breaks the monopol y of Italian Mafia held in New York. In order to do that, he went to Bangkok, Thailand and directly contracted with the supplier. As a result, he was sure to have 100% heroin and he could even distribute it at a lower price by cutting off the middlemen. Frank Lucas was then one of the most intellectual US heroin dealers who also created his own moving in empire, a crime placement operated in Harlem during the late 1960s and early 1970s. 1 Hes structured his organization to protect him in the same way - Det. Richie Roberts. Frank builds his empire with family, uprooting brothers and cousins. Frank Lucas branded his very own product as Blue conjuring trick which he guaranteed to be 98 100% pure. Blue Magic which has a really good quality was sold at a cheaper price compared with the other products. It finally became famous and even hit the top of the competition, which also distressed the monopoly of Italian Mafia. This was alarming for Italian Mafia. And so Dominic Catanno from the same gang met up with Frank to talk about the monopoly and the other dairy farmers or the other drug dealers who were left behind the competition. And so at the end of their discussion, they had a deal that Frank will consider distributing them his very own Blue Magic at $50,000 per Kilo. Frank Lucas The Original American Gangster 4 In the film I didnt really see too many conflicts between Frank and the Mafia except for an issue on drug monopoly. Since the Italian Mafia do non requisite any competition as what Dominic Cattano said 1No, I just think monopolies were made illegal in the country, Frank, cause nobody wants to compete, you know. Nobody wants to compete, not with a monopoly. Just as the nature of monopoly, where there is a wiz distributor to eliminate competition and prices are set and manipulated. However, Frank as free and fearless as he is does not like the idea. He rather dealt with Mafia being their supplier of Blue Magic rather than getting into monopoly with them. My perception of Frank Lucas base on his conflict with Mafia is he is not only fearless, but he is also smart and he knows what success means and how to get it right. He has a very strong will and a strong character that also attributed to his great success. And I think, this great success still turn Mafia as his enemies in the end as the congregation almost killed his wife. 1Success. Its got enemies. You can be successful and have enemies or you can be unfulfilled and have friends.

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Engineering Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Engineering watchfulness - Essay ExampleThe signifi croupet scope of the task is to deal with a bottleneck in wellness recuperation center computerization techniques face. When this is finished, the existing doctors facility automated systems can incorporate this solution to trifle their structure more self-sufficient. The equipment and coding skeletons, which are relied upon to give a result, will animate complete health recuperation center automation. This structure is produced with a rich API and a skeleton so this will be adopted in any sort of requisition, which needs a modern remote input/ product structure. As an illustration, in the retail business managers can utilize this structure as a mere(a) access point. An alternate utilization of this structure is in the plant and warehouse computerization structure. Particularly, creation administrators can utilize this structure to stay informed regarding the issues on the spot(Stefanos Zenios). This approach will be an applica tion of the final cause and is meant to give overall interfaces to any electronic biomedical instrumentation utilized within the clinic structure. Hence, this will prompt simple operation of those exceedingly specialized instruments by making information-recovering procedure practically self-sufficient. Likewise, the yield of this billing will give equipment and coding bases to the advancement of models in the specific field, which will be an extraordinary type for the item improvement procedures and research process in the field.

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The Transformational Power of Music Research Paper

The Transformational Power of Music - Research Paper ExampleMusic has the power to move around a person through more than just the sounds within the ear. Music is emotional, editorial, and connected to memory. The way medicament sounds gives cues to the meaning of imagery. Music is a culturally defined experience, the language of symphony designed by conditioned understandings of associations. How the memory creates emotional responses to music is defined by the associations that have been do. This is one of the reasons why writing around music can be difficult as it is better to describe the feeling it evokes than to try and make unnecessary about the sound. How it feels can be described from one point of view, but how it sounds is defined through the definition of each individual. Music is a complex experience that stimulates the emotional memories within the mind. According to Meyer, the meaning of music is based upon cultural learning, societies determining how to take the cues that argon placed through the sounds that are made in their music (2). Sounds are not universally understood, the semiotic language developed through the associations that are made to the music. According to Cohen when we emphasize musics universality, we might mislead ourselves into thinking that musical elements can be borrowed from here or there, without paying sufficient attention to distinct cultural meanings, such as the holy dimensions of performance (27). However, she goes on to say that the aptitude and capacity for music is universal even though how those capacities are shaped is defined by cultural learning (Cohen 28).

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Analysis Of The Shakira's Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis Of The Shakiras Music - Essay ExampleLoca is found on the song by artist El Cata Loca Con Su Tiguere. Shakira molds the song in the area of slavish music beat and some changes in the lyrics. Viewed from any angle Shakira is a trendsetter, she does loads of different things on a major scale and creates a incomparable fusion of contemporary merengue music, pop lyrics and rap over it and understands the power and charm of the female body and how to exploit it to advantage. She collaborates with Dizzee Rascal to produce this music video. Excellent results of this unique fusion The effect of merengue music is made relation by Shakira. The word crazy is immortalized for depicting the spot between the two fans. Shakira invites her man with the hypnotic chorus, with British rapper Rascal to deliver a telling rap interlude, admits the love and pays tribute to the girl that he is enraptured. Shakiras response should melt any lovers heart when she seductively whispers the ultim ate commitment that can be expected between the lovers, leap or die. The vibe is catchy and vibrant. Shakira is known for her hip-shaking and moans. The video is a hit on the market, and Shakira is probably not aware, as to what a fine public relations gimmicks she introduces to prove that she is a fine market strategian as well. In a preview of the video shows Shakira roller-skating, riding a motorcycle with stunned the helmet and dance with her hair-flowing, in a big gush that is surrounded by fans. In the process, she stops the traffic and is likely to baptistry possible fines for breaking the traffic rules and for shooting this part of the video in a public state of affairs without the permit. Shakira-the action-packed trend-setter While engaging a number of extras in a movie, they need to be adept first and then paid. Shakira secures the real-life shots for her album with the above novel approach. In tune with the theme of the song, she dances in a water fountain inviting the attention of the passersby in her own style, the contours of her body must withstand been irresistible, and some of them gather in the adventurous craziness, by jumping into the fountain. The location of the sexy dance is Barcelonas well-known fountain at Pla de Palau. This provides a unique end-effect to the song as she remains surrounded by her fans, dancing in the open water. Thus, she spends the fun-filled day with the local residents. This is the reason why this video is a low-budget venture. The free-flow of the energy of her fans and the furore of Shakira makes it a unique combination. She is able to catch the spirit of the common music lover. This effort must have set the producers of the big-budget videos thinking. She performs the English version of Loca on 23rd September 2010 with David Letterman. For this version of the video, she is up to her novel antics again. She gets out of her car and performs Loca with two dancers on top of a car. The lyrics read ordinary but catchy and the results are due to the focus on rhythm. Even without a climax, the song yet retains its popularity. Dominican slang is tough, unmatchable does not understand many words, and but it scores the total effect.

4 appeals ads analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

4 appeals ads analysis - Essay ExampleThe ad features a man licking on a womans foot in a seductive fashion. There is a bottle of one of the varieties of Hugos fragrances pictured. The advert reads, Your Fragrance, Your Rules (The Retiary Network, 2008, pg. 1). This advertizement is aimed at teenagers and young adults. It provokes an emotional response that, if you wear Hugo fragrances, this too can happen to you. Sex appeal was used in this advertisement to attract customers of reproductive age, as well as to set up viewers feel like Hugo fragrances can bring them a mate. This advertisement is quite effective at triggering an emotional response utilizing sex appeal (The Retiary Network, 2008).The advertisement that was chosen for the solicitude appeal category is an anti- tobacco plant campaign advertisement. It features two photographs of a man one where he appears healthy, normal, and having a sound time and another where he appears swollen and very ill in a hospital slam dying of oral cancer. The advertisement reads, They fooled him. Dont let them fool you and With candy flavors and slick advertising, the smokeless tobacco manufacturing has hooked over a million kids. Now theyre trying to convince Congress to let them make misleading health claims about their products. Dont be fooled (Tobacco Free Kids, 2008, pg. 1). This advertisement is directed towards both those who use tobacco in an attempt to get them to stop and towards those who do not to prevent them from ever starting in the first place. It is especially aimed at children and teens and those with voting power. The photographs are very effective at instilling bruise and fear into a person and scaring him or her into avoiding tobacco. This advertisement was used to provoke the emotional response to regard that, hey, that could happen to me, too and that the viewer should not use tobacco (Tobacco Free Kids, 2008).HumorThe advertisement that was chosen for the humor appeal category is an M & Ms advertisement. It features an M & M candy piece that is decorated to tang like Burt Reynolds, who is grinning in a humorous fashion, dressed up like a cowboy, and propensity up against a truck. The whole idea of using humor here is to invoke the emotions associated with having a replete(p) time, laughing, and eating candy in order to convince viewers of all ages to go out and grease ones palms M & Ms candy. This particular advertisement was part of a campaign to get people to personalize their M & Ms with their own messages. Through picturing a celebrity as an M & M, it provides a humorous subject impersonation that is designed to get people of all ages-but especially adults-to take advantage of the offer to fool their personalized messages on M & Ms. Of the four advertisements that were chosen for this assignment, this one is probably the least effective at eliciting an emotional response, however (M&Ms, 2008).RationalThe advertisement that was chosen for the rational ap peal category is a Hanks Beverages advertisement. The advertisement features a photograph of a sportscar and a beverage from Hanks and reads, Only one of these is both rich and affordable. certain Hanks Beverages. A taste of the sweet life (Allison Furkey, 2008, pg. 1). This advertisement was placed into the rational category because it invokes a reason of practicality. Everyone dreams of having that fancy sportscar, but here is a beverage everyone can actually afford. It also heightens the image of Hanks by portraying it as a fancy or

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Statistics for managers Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Statistics for managers - Term Paper ExampleSeveral confirmable studies have highlighted the transaction of expectations on node satisfaction.The overall conclusion drawn from these studies is that expectations influence client satisfaction, and the effect can be dogmatic, negative or non-existent.But it can also be concluded that the positive as well as the negative effect of expectations on customer satisfaction is minimal.We believe partially that expectations is such a complex concept that it is hard to achieve reliable and valid measures, and partly that expectations as a concept does not have a conclusive influence on the formation of customer satisfaction.We suggest that expectations be dismissed from customer satisfaction criterion instruments in the future.We state that comprehend tincture is one of the primary drivers of customer satisfaction.Several empirical studies support these viewpoints.We agree with Gronross (1993,p.61) that it does not seem potential to make independent measurement of customer expectations ...It seems valid, at least in certain situations, to develop measurement models based on customer experiences of quality only.Cronin and Taylor (1992) and Liljander and Strandvik (1992) take the same view.First, an experiment where the relationships between expectations, perceived quality and customer satisfaction were studied, using the methodology from the Swedish and American customer satisfaction index.Second, a customer satisfaction survey, using the methodology for the new European customer satisfaction index (ECSI).The affair is also to highlight whether buying behavior, described by a set of relevant product grade characteristics (price, complexity and sign value), has any influence on the relationship between perceived quality and customer satisfaction, and if so, how strong this influence is.Do some buying

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Movie reivew Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Movie reivew - Essay ExampleThis paper will analyze the episode that is titled Secrets of the Koran which is a actuate of the show that called Decoding the Past.To begin with, it would be quite important to deliver the goods an accurate account of the major rootages of the Quran as they were presented in the episode. The first one that was mentioned in the chronological order is the desire to achieve the social justice. Indeed, at the present moment the people who actually fabricate the intended audience of this show consider Islam to be a religion that almost enshrined the social dissimilarity as well as oppression of women. However, the episode suggests that from the very beginning Islam was aimed at the groups of people who prevail the society and did not allow it to develop in the proper manner. In addition to that, a long number of scholars would prove that one of the highest virtues of Islam is closely connected to social justice (Gorder 20).Another interesting cornerst one that was emphasized in the video is the war and violence in the Quran. The producers claim that a certain part of this sacred book is largely dedicated to biting. Indeed, there are some verses which are called sword verses that intelligibly dictate a true Muslim how they should treat an enemy fearlessly and fiercely in fight and mercifully after it (Smith and Furnish 77). In spite of that, the above mentioned verses are often recited without any context and they are thought to be aimed at the rest of humanity. The authors of the video suggest that this can be easily explained by the historical context in which the book was written the newly founded city of the early Muslims was under attack of a powerful enemy and the conflict was primarily triggered by the differences in faith.The next theme of the Quran that was reviewed in the movie is the theological foundation of this religion,

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Audie Murphy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Audie stump spud - Essay ExampleThe loss leadership style of Audie white potato vine made him the most decorated American spend of the Second World War. Audie white potato vine had a teensy body size, which made the Marines, Navy and paratroopers to reject him. When the coupled States entered the Second World War, white potato had an expectation of being enlisted. However, the Marines, the Navy and the paratroopers reject him on the ground of his sm all told size and youthful appearance (Rosenberg, 1955). In most cases, people relate the size of the body to the strong point of the soldiers, which enables them to defeat their enemies. Finally Murphy is reluctantly accepted by the array as an ordinary infantryman. after Murphy had acquired basic and infantry training, he was shipped out to the Third Infantry Division located in North Africa mainly as a replacement. In the first unit, third Infantry Division fifteenth Regiment, Murphy had difficulty of being in the line unit. The Commander thought that it was a mistake for Murphy to be the line unit due to the fact that his path health was not good. Lieutenant Manning remark the physical deficiencies of Manning therefrom recommending that he be resigned (Rosenberg, 1955). However, Audie Murphy stood up for himself explaining that he had an lodge in in the Army and that is all he wants to do. Even though Murphy had not been promoted to the rank of leadership, he showed some qualities of a good leader. Later Manning changed his mind after Audie had insisted upon fighting and signed up for every educational course. after(prenominal) Murphy had convinced his commander to allow him stay, he demonstrated his loyalty and pride. In his first unit, Murphy could try very hard to enable him to improve. Murphy also learned to be tactically and technically proficient, which could enhance his career. This showed his laddie soldiers that he had the characters and capabilities of leadership. A leader is expected to hold the top position thus charged with the responsibility of issuing directives in order to achieve a common goal (Mangi et al., 2011). Therefore, the leader should be tactically and technically proficient in order to realize the achievement of the goal. Murphy had an interest in the Army because it is all he wanted and after convincing the Commander to allow him stay, he soon proves himself in a battle. Due to the good qualities observed in Audie Murphy during the battle, he steady gets promotion even though it was against his will at first. Murphy was promoted as a battlefield counsel to the rank of second lieutenant. A leader should treat his people equally showing love to all of them (Mangi et al., 2011). Audie Murphy displayed the qualities of a good leader by showing respect and love to his fellow soldiers. During the some battles that occurred in Italy, France and Sicily, Audie Murphy takes the lead and this makes him gains the respect of his men thus enabling him to be c lose to his fellow soldiers. During the battles, Murphy perceives himself as part of the unit and he believes that everything he performs is meant to benefit the unit and not individually. Murphy acknowledges the fact that every activity he performs will enable the unit advance as a whole and not individually. This shows the quality of a good leader. As a leader, one should focus on achieving the goals that benefit the whole group rather than individual persons. A leader does not emphasize on achieving individual goals but

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Derrick Jones, Former Albion Prison Inmate, Wins $312,000 Jury Verdict Article

Derrick Jones, Former Albion Prison Inmate, Wins $312,000 control panel finding of fact for Negligent Medical Care - Article ExampleThe doctors gave him narcotics and crutches. The next day he cruel from stairs, but was not given an MRI. The second case study is that of Dennis Austin, who was convicted of rape, and died of bed sores.The articles entropy and the case studies raise awareness for wellness thrill organizations. The message is for the health care communities, to raise their expertness of health care provision and quality of care. Hospitals and health care agencies must comply with the code of ethics, so that no individual remains deprived of proper and timely health care.There is need for travel taken by health care organizations to provide timely and quality health care to citizens. The low-cost Care Act is one such law that ensures affordable and high quality health care provision. This legislation was passed by Congress, and the President signed it into law on M arch 23, 2010.The article made me retrieve sorry for the health standards provided in state prison. I feel that the prisoners must be provided proper health care, since negligence regarding provision of health care is not part of their penalties. It is their right.Lohr, D. (2012). Derrick Jones, Former Albion Prison Inmate, Wins $312,000 Jury Verdict For Negligent Medical Care. Huffpost Crime. Retrieved May 6, 2013, from

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The question of diversity and evolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The question of diversity and evolution - see ExampleDuring the process of natural selection, the topic obtain their biological traits from the parent organism. This process of inheritance is normally geared towards developing an organism that is best suited to survive in the eternal environment in which it is being born into (Soll, Nishimura and Moore). This is accomplished through inheritance. However, inheritance encourages and increases competition. This is because the natural selection and inheritance process put ups exclusively the best genetically material for the offspring. This creates a situation where the offspring competes with the parent organism for the available resources. However, the offspring is favored to best survive in this environment owing to the particular that the new organism ideally has the best possible genetic make-up available from the parent organism to best survive in their environment. Therefore, inheritance increase and encourages competition d eep down a given ecosystem.This concept is generally true. This is because history has shown that the close generation is usually far much improved and more efficient in survival within their environment compared to the parent organism (Gibson). A good example is the history and evolution of man. Previous species of gracious beings were apes. Through the process of natural selection and inheritance, modern day Homo sapiens kick in the efficiency to best survive in the changing environment as compared to previous species from which human beings originated. These previous species have become extinct due to their inability to adapt and survive and the competition that they received from their more travel and evolved counterparts.This argument can however be challenged. This can be achieved by looking at the fact that there are numerous cases where natural selection does not improve the species that originates from the parent organism. Again, human provide the best example to this. While the natural selection

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Describe in detail the set of religious observances known as the Five Essay

Describe in detail the set of religious observances cognize as the Five Pillars of Islam - Essay ExampleThe five pillars of Islam form the foundation of worship and dedication to the Moslem faith. They are Shahada, Salat, Sawm, Zakat and Hajj (Ellwood, & McGraw, 2009).Shahadah is a statement of belief that professes monotheism and acceptance of Muhammad as the messenger of God (Allah) (Ellwood, & McGraw, 2009). The religious doctrine is customarily recited in Arabic during each c tout ensemble to prayer (Azaan) and when whiz wishes to convert to Islam. It is also believed that one should also recite the creed when they are about to die.Salat describes the obligatory set of prayers that each Muslim should partake in daily. It consists of five prayers that should be recited each day as defined by the hadith (Hedayetullah, 2006). The first prayer is the Fajr that is performed at dawn just before the lierise. The second prayer is the Dhuhr and is performed at twelve noon after the sun has passed its apex. The trio prayer is the Ar that is performed in the afternoon before the sun sets. The forth prayer is the Maghrib which is performed in the evening after the sun sets. The final prayer is the Isha which is performed at night. from each one of these prayers comprises of a set amount of rakat (prescribed words and movements). All of the prayers are performed while facing the Muslim holy city of Mecca. Before each prayer, Muslims must partake in Wudu (Cleansing), achieved by washing themselves.The third pillar of Islam is fasting (Sawm). According to the Quran, there are three types of fasting that Muslims should partake in. During the month of Ramadan, all Muslims have to partake in ritual fasting. This type of fasting is mandatory and followers of Islam have to refrain from eating, drinking and other worldly pleasures from dawn to dusk during the whole period (Khan, 2006). They are also evaluate to be particularly attentive of other sins. The other two ty pes of fasting are as payment to penance and abstinent fasting. Sawm allows believers to

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Identity the ftre written Essay Example for Free

soulal individuation the ftre written EssayIntroduction identicalness Theft is considered to be major problem which has affected thousands, more than 9 million victims of citation identity theft were account in 2003, it was estimated that the victims were deprived of more than 52 billion dollars by identity theft the victims included naturalized businesses and individuals. It has been learnt that sophisticated organized whitlows (Richard, 2003) were involved in identity theft. identity operator theft is considered as an intimate pervert that is mainly responsible for the financial losses of the grieved victims. Identity Theft is appropriation of an another(prenominal)s personal culture (Whilk, 2003), the determination of the exercise is to recitation fraud, and the victim is positiond by the culprits in this practice. Identity theft is mainly linked with the flight of confidential knowledge that is by and by misused by the culprits to achieve benefit. It has been observed by means of past cases of Identity theft that most of the culprits concord enjoyed access to the victim flatly, or the information related to the victim by dint of different dealings.The nature of the dealing is not particular, in some of the cases associates and acquaintances pass been involved have been effect guilty of Identity Theft. According to studies, Identity theft involves three parties that include the victim, the perpetrator and the creditor. Victim is the person who fells prey of the criminal activities without any knowledge of it the perpetrator is the individual who impersonates the victim, and executes identity theft, the perpetrator in some(prenominal) of the cases have the access to the information of the victim.The creditor is the personal who is familiar to both the perpetrator and the victim, the creditor support and develop the perpetrator plan. In some of the cases the fourth party is the source of the personal information that is being abuse d (Whilk, 2003). Types of identity theft Pretexting Pretexting is considered to be one of the forms of Identity Theft in this exercise one culprit impersonates the victim, such(prenominal) that one calls under the pretext being that person (Richard, 2003). The exercise is normally performed to secure personal information that includes holler records, and details of bank accounts.According to studies it has been observed that in many of the cases the4 victims argon unable to distinguish their identity theft through pretexting. Credit Card fraud The evolution of internet has made it easier for the provoke customers to avail deals through internet. Credit cable card facilities launched by several banks have tried to facilitate the customers, and have provided them with an easy chance to avail deals through electronic transaction via credit card. Unfortunately the sharing of information has often been leaked, and many of the cases of identity theft have been reported.According to s tudy, running up charges on anothers credit card, or passing checks of another, is a form of identity theft. Identity theft is this case is practiced through appropriation of the signature, account number, and other aspects of anothers identity, the purpose of the entire exercise is to secure financial benefits on other expenses through unethical and illegal practice. New account fraud Identity theft has been reported through malpractices related to the opening of new accounts. In such case, the criminal uses the identity of the victim, and so after fulfilling the formality of credit card companies borrow the money.Criminal identity theft In some of the cases it has been reported that criminals impersonate innocent people after their arrest, and have managed to escape successfully. In such cases, the innocent individual then has criminal record, and in some of the cases arrest warrants have also been issued. It has been researched that it is easier for the criminal to link their p ersonality with the victim, and later manage to escape, however in the police records many such individuals are blacklisted who have reported their ignorance around the incident, and have proved their presence in foreign country at the time of criminal activity.Identity Theft as Abuse In the survey which was conducted in 2004, it was observed that domestic help abuse has direct relationship with Identity Theft it was observed that more than 15 percent reported that they were also victims of domestic harassment and abuse from the perpetrator. Identity theft is also conducted by the strangers, and in some of the cases organized criminal networks are involved in such practices.The identity theft is solely conducted to achieve economic gains through false identity, there it is expected that an authority with financial stability is likely to be the victim, domestic military unit is sometimes accompanied by economic abuse, such as controlling access to wealth or destruction of property (John, 2002). Much be move it is difficult to trace the culprit involve in the identity theft, the practice is considered to be extremely lucrative for the abuser, where as the malpractice has long lasting and debilitating (Robert, 2003) impact on the status, glory and character of the victim.The survey revealed that, identity theft victims spend a median of one hundred hours rectifying the damage, and recidivate thousands of dollars in lost wages and other expenses (John, 2002), more than 50 percent of the victim have complained that they are subjected to repeated interrogations and false implications by the law agencies even after 2 years after the manifestation of their identity theft, whereas as some reported that they are subjected to false implications for more than decade.According to the Stalking pick Center at the National Center for the Victims of Crime, explained that stalking as a course of conduct enjoin at a specific person when one knows or should know that the course of conduct would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of a deuce-ace person or suffer other emotional distress (Kristin, 2004), therefore stalking can be considered as a derivative of the stalking.The discussed surveillance, pretexting, and credit identity theft are directly related to stalking. Pretexting is not considered as an offence of extreme tribulation for the victim, the pretexter can only secure the right to access the accounts, and telephone record. Therefore the expected threats and damages through pretexter include the cancellation of the victims account, electric, gas and credit car accounts. However the cases of identity theft related to credit cards have subjected the victim under right consequences.The survey report found that, distress caused by credit identity theft is real, the victims report offense and anger personal financial fears fears for family financial safety a sense of powerlessness and of feeling impair (Kris tin, 2004). Preventive Measures The measures to be necessarily adopted by the public to avoid any incident of using through identity theft include issuance of the credit report periodically.The public should also stop up that their credit limit is not too high, so that even in case of any utilisation the financial loss can be adjusted. The public should avail the scheme for the monitoring of their credit, through which surprising financial dealings can be tracked. It has been learnt that Fair Credit Reporting Act has provided the public with an opportunity to place a fraud alert on their credit report, through such scheme the creditors have the right to access to verify their credit.References 1. Kristin Loberg. Identity Theft How to Protect Your Name, Your Credit and Your Vital Information. Silver Lake Publishing. 2004. 2. Robert J. Hammond, Robert J. Hammond, junior Identity Theft How to Protect Your Most Valuable Asset. Career Press. 2003. 3. John R. Vacca. Identity Theft. C areer Press. 2002. 4. Whilk, Nathanael. Identity Theft Preventing Consumer Terrorism An Attitudinal Approach. Silver Lake Publishing 2003. 5. Richard M. Stana. Identity Theft Prevalence Cost Appear to Be Growing. Prentice Hall. 2003.

How occupational stress affects mental health Essay Example for Free

How occupational nidus affects mental wellness EssayStress is a normal creator that affects many people. However too much seek leads to both mental and physical health. When a nearbody has, too much stress there is a high probability that a somebody lead stop functioning normally. Severe stress also can also lead to breakdown. This can be observed through the behavior that a person exposes. This means that a person changes the set of patterns of behaviors. Their implementation in day to day duties ar also affected and become worse as days pass. A person tends to lose interest and the ability of functioning as a normal person.These argon obvious signs of nervous breakdown. Severe stress cause mental disorders in people. This happens especially if the stress becomes severe. It is sober for one to deal with stress because of the effects it has on the mental health. This is because some of the factors that lead to stress be complicated for the mind to handle. Stress compel s one part of the body against a nonher part of the mind. This leads to pulling and only whenton against the positive forces. This then leads to compression of emotions and thoughts. This makes a person to have feelings of loss of control of life.If a person dwells on the negative feelings this makes the person to have high possibilities of being subject to mental illness. The mental health is affected as stress leads to change of the equilibrium in the brain, which applies pressure to the mind. Lack of reinstatement of the equilibrium leads to chemical import imbalances and diseases. In case the mind has some faulty areas, this makes a person have difficulty in coping with stress. This leads to more negative thinking including suicidal thoughts (The British Psychological Society, 1993). in that respect are some(prenominal) symptoms of stress and trouble caused at trifle.Stress at work is caused by work pressure, relationships, at6 work or issues related to finances. The natu re of work has changed over the last century and is still undergoing change drastically. With these drastic change, stress is inevitable as workers try to cope with the changes. Stress by the workers is d offenseous as it affects not alone their health but also the health of the organization. The symptoms of work stress vary from person to person depending on the situation or how ling a person is subjected to the stress and the stress intensity.Some of the typical symptoms of work stress include lack of concent6tartion in one responsibility, frequent absenteeism without valid excuses, some workers turn to substance abuse and one show some signs of frustrations and extreme anger, which is usually directed to fellow workers (Tetrick, 1987). Workers who are at high risk of getting stress and worry are the ones who are experiencing job insecurity as a result of the metamorphic changes that may be occurring in the work place.Reorganizations, downsizing and takeovers are some of the cha nges that occur in organizations that lead employees to have stress and become anxious, as sometimes they do not understand where future in the organization lies. High demand for performance also leads to stress and anxiety for instance increased workload, long hours of working and intense pressure to perform at peak levels but without increase of the pay. Workers who are faced with these kinds of p-pressures have possibility of getting anxious and stressed.People who their believes conflict and those who are unable to cope with workplace culture also have high possibilities of getting stress and anxiety (Tetrick, 1987). Example of workplace cultures that may lead to stress include adapting to dress code, communication pattern, hierarchy and the behavioral patterns. If a person experiences stress and anxiety as a result of the above and does not strain servicing the stress and anxiety may be worse leading to mental and physical problem. There are various ways in which individual can deal with stress.It is necessary for one to be able to change with time so that to prevent stress. Being able to change with time makes a person feel more secure. Foe example, in work places it is important for an individual to be continually prepared for any change that might arise so that to survive and countermand stress. It is also ingenuous for one to find emotional and moral support from friends and family members. It is good to find time to remotivate and reenergize whenever one feels down. This prevents the stress from escalating to more severe problem.Individuals who turn to substance abuse, as a way of relieving stress should also avoid this because substance abuse acts as way of increasing the stress. It important to develop positive attitude towards each situation in life including stressful situations. This is done to prevent situations such as fear anger and negative thinking, which leads to stress. This can be done by employing personal growth techniques such a s exercises, respire and meditation. Work place stress can also be reduced by celebration of operation of other peoples accomplishment.In case of stress that is chronic, it is advisable to seek assistance from a health profession (Koeske, Kirk Koeske, 1993). This knowledge regarding stress and anxiety and the ways to handle them is important as it alleviate me understand that in some cases they may not be inevitable in the workplace. By reasonableness this, it is important to understand the way to prevent them from occurring and way I can do to stop them from affecting my performance. The knowledge is also helpful as it make me understand ways I can help my colleagues whom I find with the problem in the future.

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Terrorist Behavior Essay Example for Free

Terrorist Behavior EssayAfter reading the article on A Look at Terrorist Behavior I found out some very interesting exposit on how they plan, prepargon and also where they would strike. After reading the article I learned about rough how close to a target a terrorist would likely stick up. A recent study shows that most terrorist lives surrounding(prenominal) to their target of choice. By being so close to their target they would learn and derive information readily in aiding them to accomplish their mission. They would also end up studying a target for months or veritable(a) years.According to analysis on terrorist residence to target of all groups around 44% of them live deep down 30 miles of their required target. There are four types of terrorist groups international, right flank, environmental and left wing groups. nonetheless since there are different types of terrorist groups they are different. For example international terrorist mostly lived closer to their ta rgets, when right wing terrorist live in rural areas and would selecting targets in nearby cities. Terrorist mostly use a lot of direction and intelligence to help them aide in founding for their group.Most terrorist would stay close to their homes because of new immigration status and some fourth dimensions the lack of transportation. Terrorist living in urban areas are most likely would evacuate attention. They are known as lone wolves they would target locally much uncoordinated violence such as anti-abortion extremists. Among a single-issue terrorist 77% of preparatory acts usually occurred at bottom 12 miles and 92% occurred within 28 miles of their target. There are about a half of environmental terrorists acts only three fifths of them live roughly about 30 miles of their target. 5% of environmental terrorist and 59% international terrorist prepared for their target within 30 miles.Terrorist also conduct robberies, burglaries and thefts further away about an average of 4 29 miles from their homes. Running Head Terrorist Behavior. As for law enforcement the implications of finding out about the proximity and zeal and time of a terrorist attack are very significant. With the help of early intelligence this can help law enforcement a lot of time to stop terrorist before an attack. Such Intel will also help local authorizeds to respond rapidly.Law enforcement official moldiness understand that most terrorist act locally and its important to know how to conduct a proper investigation method to seek and help prevent terrorism and also arrest perpetrators. Having a local pattern can be more efficiently in patrolling of high-risk target areas and gather enough Intel on suspected terrorist actions. Law enforcement officials will continue to understand and learn the relationship and the locations of terrorists preparation activities and their target of choice will help boost the knowledge and should help officers prevent and respond apace to a terrorist at tacks.Another way for local police to successfully meet the challenges posed by terrorism would be a time-tested approach that emphasizes prevention must converge with new ones that focus on prediction. Local police must also add critical elements of speed, resources, and numbers to any situation when necessary. They must be able to deploy rapidly and can quickly get more forces if needed. Homeland security measures must be ready at all times for any terrorist acts and threats. Overall I esteem if our homeland security along with local police train more and learn how terrorist operates I cipher our country would be safe somehow from a terrorists attack.

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Liberal Principles and Minority Rights Essay Example for Free

Liberal Principles and Minority Rights EssayLiberal Principles and Minority Rights BY shax0521 We live in a world with differences, biases and hindrances we tend to take into account to be able to superintend up with the changes happening around us. These differences could be between races,religion, shade, language, etc. But within a country, these differences too exist. Most countries are composed of diversed assimilation that divides the companionship to the volume and the minorities that establishes ethnic differences related problems. It is a lot hear that minorities are deprived from authoritative freedom and the majority avails most of the trump previleges that could e given. Minorities are often Judged by different steoreotypes and prejudices that establishes conflict between the multitudes. The main point of Prof. Hans Ingvar Roth, head of the sweden research team of the University of Lund in his article Liberal Principles and Minority rights, nonage groups par ticularly in a informal democratic smart set should be able to deal with the existing problems confronting their existence and refinement in relation to the free-handed principles by dint of group-tar determineed measures.These group-targeted measures will be further explained throughout the article critique. The purpose of this paper is to give a plan summary of Roths article Liberal Principles and Minority Rights, what are the liberal principles of a liberal democratic society how it affects the condition of the minorities and my point of ruling as a reader. It will also tackle the different features of a liberal society, the problems encountered by minorities and the possible solution to the problems. In other words, the life of the minorities in a liberal democratic society.According to Roth, inequalities in modern western societies are faced by the inorities particularly ethnic, racial and religious which well-nightimes seen to result to discrimi farming. The minoritie s are confronted by social, political and ethnical inequalities which were percieved to be the consequences as a memberofa liberal democratic society. More everywhere, the majority enjoys the benefits and priveleges that were given by the society. In relation to this, to know the reason wherefore these inequalities occur, we must know the grass roots of this condition. Roth stated in his article his definition ofa liberal democratic society.According to him, a liberal democratic society is charcterized by the certain institutions or norms that are seen among some(prenominal) of its citizens as essential guidelines for the organization of society. A liberal democratic society has its liberal principles namely, majoritarian democracy, free moblity, grocery store economy, meritocracy and neutrality. The origin principle is the majoritarian democracy or the rule of many . This concept of democracy implies outrages to the minorities because literally, it shows how minorities are o utnumbered by the majority in terms of their heathenish survival.As stated in the article, this idea of democracy get down serious consequences for defenseless minorities. Furthermore, another liberal principle which is a burden to minorities is free mobility where people get to move freely without any intent hindrances but it has its limit in reality. Roth expounded it as the ideal of unclouded borders for refugees from non- european countries in contrast to the migration policies implemented on various principle is the easy access of majority population into minority territories that could threaten the cultural survivability of the latter which is also dependent upon its eography.Moreover, the market economy as a principle which assumes freedom of choice that is considered to be the prevailing model for arranging economic activities systems in liberal societies. Roth added that match to many of his critics, the market economy could lead the majority to cultural supremacy over the minorities where the former has more access to historic resources that could affect the cultural life of a country. It is considered to be the most efficient among other economic systems. Another liberal principle is meritocracy.According to Roth, merit should administer the appropriation of employment and places in higher education. This implies that the majority will dominate the labour-market of the society and eventually earn the highest ranks in offices. This would result to the alienation of the minorities in any encounter of several forms of higher education because the majority gets the best priveleges they could thrust in the society. In addition, Roth cited another principle which is neutrality or even-handedness.This occurs when the government doesnt interfere with certain policy decisions uided by religious views or substantial philiosophies of life and this kind of action implies contradiction to relgious minorities and securalism in some way enamour the societ y. The abovementi geniusd principles in any circumstances could stand in conflict with one another. As we have tackled the 5 principles of a liberal democratic society, it is also important to know some features of this kind of society which could have significant consequences on the cultural standing of different minorities in the society.The first feature is lingua franca which refers to having a common language in the society for he people have one language they could use to go a longsighted with each other. Roth stated in his article that the language is an important element for the cultural identity of a group. Eventually, the language of the majority will be the lingua franca collectable to its long history in the country and the minorities must accept it and use to be able to communicate with others.However, this doesnt mean that the languages from the minorities cannot be recognized as official languages in significant bailiwick of society much(prenominal)(prenominal) as education or law. Another feature of a liberal democratic society is nation building. Roth referred it as the creation of various institutions, traditions and spheres of society in which it will be affected by the long history of the majority group. In this case, it stresses that even without ethnic or cultural nationalism the majority culture is advantageous because of its historical standing in the society.According to Roth, cultural preservation of minority groups depend on the members itself. They should have the best interest in maintaining and preserving their culture. A part from Roths article tackled about the shared value in the ulticultural debate for minority rights where possessing a secure cultural belonging could be precious in a way that it is an important condition to an individual well being or it could be a crucial part of a ones personal identity or as a framework adapting the majoritys culture and integration or affiliate with the majority on the other side.Howe ver, they have one common view that minority groups should not face anu unfair or excessive burdens in maintaining their cultures. Furthermore, if a minority group had encountered am intense discrimination from the other groups in he society, they should pay for the serious cultural disadvantage that the minority group faces. In other words, cultural diversity should be reagarded as a valuable objective for the whole society and a shared public responsibility to secure the preservation of the minority culture.However, if a certain minority in question have encountered no grim history of discrimination, and its cultural changes was due to voluntary change of its own members, it conditions become more unclear. The members itself should pay the price of maintaining or preserving their culture given hat they have been attracted to the majority culture. In addition, the majority is not coerced to share a cost of preserving that particular minority. As discussed earlier, there are ethnic and religious minorities in a society and their billet could be less favourable in certain conditions.Roth empha size of itd in his article that cultural influence by the majority usually occurs to the minorities that live in so-called open agricultural territories, small in size and the history of discrimination. Furthermore, it was stressed that shared language, religion and a istory of discrimination or an idea of geographic location make the minorit group maintain their culture. There are minority groups that prefer to attain independence and others to lower their claims and instead strive for various forms of cultural autonomy.In the entire article, the two main problems of minorities in relation to the liberal principles are cultural preservation and problems of integration. According to him, problems of preservation arise when liberal principles such(prenominal) as free mobility and the endorsement of a market economy may threaten a handed-down form of community life. Due to the dominance of the majority in terms of size, resources and historical standing, these principles work to their cultural advantage. Furthermore, the practice of having a lingua franca gives more disadvantage to the minorities in terms of preservation of their own language.The abovementioned problems has its group-targeted measures so that the minority culture will survive. These are metaphors the turn over, the ladder, the springboard and the rag. With these meaures, there could be a continous existence of minority groups in liberal democratic societies. Through the fence it ould take form of exceptions from laws that burden traditional cultural practices or even property rights that would prevent majority population from buying lands from the minority territories.In addition, Roth employ the cultural autonomy with regards to certain forms of legislation such as family as an example of a fence which protects the minority from being influenced by the family customs of the ma jority. Another measure is the ladder wherein group histrionics should be practiced by religious and ethnic groups in order to have a level of re pass onation in the society. This metaphor can neutralize and attenuate unfair thresholds or hindrances such as screen door spots, various forms of animosity, stereotypes and nepotism.To be able to gain entrance in the main sphere of society in spite of the diminish this hindrances in the remote future. The first measure or method is called the springboard that would present opportunities to minorities such as labour market and higher education in instances that they face discrimination and prJudices in the society. According to Roth, the springboard is not enough for minorities to be able to enter to such society that is hy the plane was created. It is considered to be the supplementary method of the springboard.It aims to alter engrained and stubborn attitudes and habits among the majority population through information campaigns and c ross-cultural meeting places. From what I understand in the Roths article, inequalities of minorities in the society are caused by the liberal principles. I agree on it due to the different situations presented in the article. These principles namely majoritarian democracy, free mobility, meritocracy, market economy and neutrality are advantageous to the ajority population and affect the minoritys cultural preservation.The articles premises are still valid according to the current situations in most western countries. His interpretation of the evidences presented were likely to lead us to the same induction that the liberal principles should be improved rather than to replace them with something different in order to solve such inequalities in such society. His arguments regarding the disadvantages of the minorities in the society such as the lingua franca where the majoritys language will be the official language of the ociety and meritocracy where the majority gets the highest ra nks in the offices had the biggest impact to me which I agree on.If we compare it to the philippines, a non- liberal democratic country but compose of a majority and minorities, due to the geographical boundary and size of population of christians with tagalog as their language is considered to be the official language of the country, officially called as Filipino and in terms of meritocracy, the muslims as a minority experience biases regarding employment in government and other palm of offices because of different stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.

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Liberalism and Colonialism Essay Example for Free

Liberalism and Colonialism EssayLiberalism is both egalitarian and inegalitarian, it stresses both the unity of domain and the hierarchy of cultures, it is both tolerant and intolerant, peaceful and violent, pragmatic and dogmatic, skeptical and self-righteous. Bhikhu Parekh examines the writing of John Locke and John Stuart manufacturing plant, deuce of greatest liberal philosophers. Locke state that the Indians had cultivated and lived on their land for centuries and it was their rightful inheritance. He asked the side settlers for information about the Indian way of life, and built up an impressive collection of books dealing with the European exploration of the Americas. The Indian way of life offered a realistic separate to, and provided most valu competent insights into, the temper and structure of governmental society. Lockes analysis of the nature of reason was complex and inconsistent, by and large he thought that it analysed and reflected on the sense impressions, p erceived similarities and dissimilarities between different events and entities, traced their causes, and formed universally valid generalizations. Locke analysed incline colonialism in America in terms of his theory of man and society.He argued that since the American Indians roamed freely all over the land and did non enclose it, it was non their land they used it as one would use a common land, scarcely they had no property in it. In Lockes view, English colonization not only did them no harm, but also compliancyed their natural rights and conferred on them great economic, moral, cultural, scientific and political benefits. Locke characterized two modes of colonization, one based on conquest by sword and represented by Spanish, the former(a) based on commerce and represented by the English.Whilst Lockes principle of equality offer at least some moral protection to Indians, it offered them no political protection. Indians were entitled to equality as individuals, but not as an organized society. As individuals their basic rights and interests were to be fully protected. Locke defined equality, it obtained only between the civilized nations and placed the non-civilized societies outside the pale of international law and morality. For John Mills philosophic ideas, Europeans were interested primarily not so much in unburdening their surplus population and settling in these countries as in trade, commerce and olitical control.This new phase of colonialism usually called imperialism. For Mill, man was a progressive creation whose ultimate destiny was to secure the fullest development of his intellectual, moral, aesthetic and other faculties. In Mills view, benignant beings had both a natural and a historically acquired tendency towards conformity, which only a few were able to fight successfully on their own. For Mill as for most other liberals, individuality represented man destiny, but it was not underwritten by and even went against some of deepest t endencies of compassionate nature.Like Locke, Mill divided human societies into two, but his principle of classification was different. In some societies, which he called civilized, human beings were in the maturity of their faculties and had bring home the bacon the capacity of being guided to their own improvement by conviction or persuasion. By contrast all non-European societies were backward, and human beings there were in a state of nonage and infancy. Although Mill stressed the value of diversity, he defined its nature and permissible range in narrow terms.He linked diversity to individuality and choice, and valued the former only in so far as it was grounded in the individualist conception of man. It ruled out traditional and customary ways of life, as substantially as those centred on the community. More so than Locke, Mill condemned the racist arrogance of and the misuse of political originator by the colonial bureaucrats and yet he had no difficulty sharing the coloni al contempt for inwrought cultures and approving of the violence used to dismantle them.Both Locke and Mill shared a firm persuasion in the equality of men and used it to justify and regulate colonial rule. And they also failed to understand the exceedingly complex relationship between human being and their cultures. Liberals do believe in equal respect for all human beings, but they find it difficult to accord equal respect to those who do not value autonomy, individuality, self-determination, choice, secularism, ambition, competition and the pursuit of wealth.

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Dove, the Brand to Beat Essay Example for Free

fall, the Brand to Beat Essay go down is a provoker under the many intersections of Unilever. It was in the 1890s when William Hesketh Lever, founder of Lever Bros popularized cleanliness and hygiene with his approach of the Sunlight slime in Victorian England. The Sunlight sludge led the advocacy to make cleanliness normal to lessen work for wowork force to foster health and contribute to personal attractor, that life ay be more than enjoyable and re fightding for the people who use our proceedss. (www.dove.com)For three centuries, Unilever has proven its conquest over economic booms, depressions, world wars and the ever-changing lifestyle of its consumers as the world advanced through with(predicate) technology. plunk is the leading skin c ar reaping since 1957. It is clinically proven and has been noned to be good for dry sensitive skin which half the women in the world has. And since the 1980s, peacenik has launched more supporting products to the soap bar su ch as moisturizing organic structure wash, deodorants, body lotions, facial cleansers, shampoos and conditioners. All of these products are aimed to solve skin needs comprehensively bringing out the true up inner witness of women. dove is boasts of its number one in the race of cleansing brands with double-digit growth data. gross sales in over 80 countries are over 2.5 billion a year. They estimate that over 1 billion immortalizeers are done using plunk products each year in the US alone. The success is due to the brands keeping of its clinically proven promises and understanding of its real trade. Studies test that only 12 % of women are very satisfied with their physical attractiveness. 2% of women articulate themselves as beautiful. 68% knows that media almost al counsels sets wild standards of beauty and the 75% hopes that media would better itself in portraying diversity in womens physical attractiveness that includes size, shape and age. genus Columba is actively tr ying to lendress the root of the problem of negative self-image. Dove has founded the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, which funds programs to raise self-esteem in girls and young women. In the US, its working through the Unilever Foundation to sponsor a partnership with Girl Scouts, called uniquely ME It also supports the BodyTalk education program for schools in the UK and Canada. (www.dove.com)The Dove Self-Esteem Fund has come along way since consumers saw that water alone was not enough to clean oneself. American consumers of the spic-and-span millennium are more demanding than ever and value minded. Dove consumers pay a higher price for Dove due to its after sales value. The tar thread market of Dove are the people who can afford to put a premium for added market value compared to cheaper alternatives such as Ivory.According to Soap, Cosmetics, chemic Specialties, aging baby-boomers were looking for milder, less irritating products. Soaps using vegetable-based fats, with no animal fa ts or animal testing, were also in demand. Other popular items included loofahs, oatmeal products, and chamomile leaves. In general, customers demanded performance and value in all their soap, shampoo, and detergent products, which were the driving factors behind the soap and detergents effort at the turn of the century. (Thompsons, 2006)All these added value makes Dove cost more than the average bath product. cherish leaders attempt to offer the best product at the cheapest price. These products cannot compare on quality and in the short term, competes for the value of each dollar. Ivory products advertise themselves on the price pitch that does not cash in ones chips to Dove products. Each Dove product commercial does not mention price. this kind of advertising dodge may increase Ivory income by selling more quantity but soaps such as Dove and Dial remain successful as well by selling more expensive and keeping loyal customers at lesser volumes.The bar soap market, which had g rown at an average post of some 4.1 percent annually in the early 1980s, entered the 1990s with a growth rate of about 4.9 percent. Beauty bars comprised the fastest growing segment of the bar soap market, with sales increasing at a rate of about 7 percent per year. Later in the decade, however, bar soap began to lose some ground to shower gels. In 1998, bar soap sales grew only 1.5 percent in value and slipped 4.5 percent in unit terms, while shower gel sales increased dramatically. However, so far with their 18.1 sales gain in 1998, the shower gel market, with total sales of $450 million, remained slightly less than a third the size of the bar soap market, which totaled $1.4 billion in value in 1998. (Thompsons, 2006)Dove has been successful in its campaign to increase and sustain loyal consumers due to its steadfast supporting of its ever-living belief in their original product. Compared to the rest of the competition, Dove remained the soap that held on to its added moistur e selling point. From that, Dove has evolved and widened its strategies in cornering a wider and global market. For one, its campaign-promoting self-esteem in women cuts above the rest.The campaign for real beauty ad that models larger than average smiling women in white underwear has sent advertisers of other soaps amok. The subject of this ad is a statement against the usual advertisers that project the beautiful woman with impossibly physical proportions. This strategy of using controversy for advertising worked so much for Dove.The women in these photos appear to love who they are and the way their bodies look. Sue Ontiveros of the Chicago Sun-Times says, Its the joy on their faces that I really a equivalent(p). Theres just so much gratification in their smiles that I feel as if these women are saying this is the real me and I like her. Boy, is that old and just the message Id like females to get and embrace. Just because your booty cant fit into a size four doesnt mean you re not sexy. The joy and confidence of the Dove models allows them to look sexy without having to wear insidious facial expressions. (www.campaignforealbeuty.com)The challenge that lies on the Dove self-esteem campaigns is to make sure that they do not get caught playing devil sides. A teener realizes that the big women ad was sporting big tight thighs. Dove was get the most of this because their thigh-tightening product was being launched. A critic also realized that letting women with underwear come on camera was still diminishing respect for women even if they were all size large.The most significant challenge that advertisers faced was fueled by the growing global concern of consumers over environmental issues. Consumers demanded that products like Dove have to be manufactured and marketed using earth-friendly products and processes without sacrificing quality. Doves dishwashing liquid leads their earth-friendly products. development the dishwashing liquid leaves the hands moisturized, the plates squeaky clean and the rivers unpollutedAnother important strategy for Dove products to stay in the lead is using technology to further their market reach. The website of Dove and its dealers are superior and very exploiter friendly. Buying online is very convenient. Using the internet as part of the marketing efforts, Dove can ensure the existence of its loyal customers who pays more to buy Dove soap. The prices below gathered from the websites show comparisons in prices of different common leading bath soaps. Dove fits in the middle of the price war as it is appreciated by the market as the soap that has more value compared to the usual free-and-easy common soaps such as Dial and Coast but not too expensive like the signature and specialty soaps like Cetaphil or Neutrogena.Price ComparisonsDove 3.08Dial 0.99Ivory 1.89Cetaphil 4.09Neutrogena 3.95Coast 1.20 skirt 1. User ranges between Dove competitorsProduct namePears SoapImperial Leather Original SoapPalmolive Original Soap debarDove Extra Sensitive Cream BarLux draw Honey Beauty SoapOilatum Soap BarCamay Classic- Toilet SoapOverall user ratingRecomm stop by ascorbic acid%(13 Reviews)Recommended by 95%(19 Reviews)Recommended by 50%(6 Reviews)Recommended by 86%(28 Reviews)Recommended by 100%(1 Review)Recommended by 100%(2 Reviews)Recommended by 33%(3 Reviews)http//www.ciao.co.uk/product_comparison.php?Pid=1%2C10%2C10534%2C15372%2C5015455%2C5231365IDs%5B%5D=70462IDs%5B%5D=70445IDs%5B%5D=70457IDs%5B%5D=70440IDs%5B%5D=70450IDs%5B%5D=5628139IDs%5B%5D=70438Compare=Compare The table above shows user ratings from the ciao website. Recommendations between Dove competitors are tabulated. Though Dove Extra Sensitive Cream Bar had an 86% recommendation ratings, it had the most number of reviews totaling 28 as compared to Imperial leather Original Soap that seconded the list with 18 reviews, a far ten reviews short of Dove. This short sampling will show that there are more Dove users who connect to the internet as compared to the other products. Dove moves in front in its goal to build a strategic global master brand. Backed by Unilevers expertise in product branding, Dove with its good quality material for hygiene and beauty conservation will continue to focus on making their brand lead by promoting the value of their brand as against the price of the soap. Dove was an instant hit, generating $55 million in sales its first sextet months, per Information Resources Inc. This year, sales climbed to $79 million for the 52 weeks ended April 22. Doves current market cope stands at 4.7%, equal that of Procter and Gambles Old Spice. PGs Secret brands still collectively dominate the $1.6 billion category, but have been losing share to Dove. Total Secret sales were $229 million as of April 22, down 8% from $248 million for the year ended Sept. 10, 2000, per IRI. (Ward, 2003) I have personally using Dove for the past ten years and have been more than twice tempted to try other brands. Though I did try out one or two other brands during such time, I always went back to using Dove because of its simplicity, truthfulness and mission to add social value to a common daily commodity. In a world where brand name calling are easily communicated with visuals only technology knows how far will go, Dove will remain as a trustworthy partner in my personal health care.ReferencesU.S. section of Commerce. U.S. Industry and Trade Out-look 99. Washington, D.C. GPO, 1999.U.S. Department of Commerce. U.S. Census Bureau. 1997 Economic Census. Washington, D.C. GPO, 1999.Van Arnum, Patricia. Consumer Product Majors Soak in a Renewed Outlook. Chemical Market Reporter, FR3-5.Ward, John. 2003. Does Market Share Really Apply to Apple? http//www.vectronicsappleworld.com/2003/opinion/0306.htmlwww.ciao.comwww.dove.comwww.answers.comDoves extension into deodorant is a prime example of Unilevers long-term strategy to build a set of global master brands with new products and heavy marketing support. The launch was backed by more than $30 million in media spending, a level usually reserved for new brands. Dove marketers also wanted to develop a product specifically for women. While a number of existing brands are gender neutral (Ban, Sure) or targeted to men (Brut, Right Guard, Old Spice), not since PG introduced decades-old Secret has a manufacturer captured the collective attention of the female audience. prefer language style English(U.S.) Dove Soap (brand I want looked on)Think about a product you love, that you use all the time. In this first part of the assignment, your goal is to uncover as much research about the brand and it competitors as viable. Youll want to know the history of the brand, the characteristics of the people who buy/use the brand, and everything else possible about it. But dont forget to look into the competition. What are they doing right? What are they doing ravish? 5 pages 4 sourcesHistoryCharacteristics of its marketComp etition statusWhat they are doing right?What they are doing do by?

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Great Traditions In Ethics Essay Example for Free

Great Traditions In Ethics EssayThe overcoming of the fright of decease figures as a find out component of Epicurean doctrine. Be excite the Epicureans valued above all other accomplishments, the living of a good alivenessspan story-time and that pleasure is the end of all morality and that real pleasure is attained through a life of prudence, honor, and justice the acknowledgment in Epicurean philosophy that the fear of end intrudes upon individual happiness is not at all the same as admission that fear of expiration is an insurmountable condition, (Epicureanism). To the contrary, the epicurean philosophy seeks forts to identify the root causes of the fear of death, which are 1) The fear of being dead. 2) The fear that one will die, that ones life is going to end. 3) The fear of premature death. 4) The fear of the process of dying and for each of these considerations, Epicurean philosophy provides a response. The intention of epicurean philosophy is to persuade its adher ents that death is not bad for the person who dies although death is required and is the total annihilation of that person despite the belief in total annihilation Epicurus held no strike for death itself.The basic center of the Epicurean refusal to fear death lies in the epicurean belief that beau ideal should not concern to us. Death is not to be feared and these facts are unchangeable despite ones subjective, emotional reactions. because death means the end of consciousness and the total annihilation of the individual, nothing exists beyond death which may cause fear at all,(Warren 4-7). It is only by admitting the fear of death and addressing it straight on through apply logic rather than religion or mysticism that the fear of death can be conquered.The Epicureans regarded the overcoming of the fear of death at the very heart of their honourable project. They identified the goal of a good life as the removal of mental and physical pain. Mental pain they further characterize d as anxieties and fears because fear of death causes pain to the individual it must be overcome and it can be overcome by uniform acceptance of the fact that death holds no pain for the person who experiences it. (Warren 6)Just as the fear of death prevented many individuals from achieving happiness in life, justice (or lack thereof) provides enmity to happiness in the Epicurean ethical tradition. For Epicurus, virtues and justice are a matter of personal bearing and dignity as wellhead as intelligence and experience. Under an Epicurean ethic, in a world full of Epicurean sages there would be no need for written prescriptive laws. Everyone in that case would be able to see and call in what contributes to the utility of the community and would act accordingly (Warren 183).The idea of breaking a rule of justice is persecute because it causes the eventual pain or threat of pain or disturbance to oters happiness as well as ones own. Unlike Epicurus, St. Augustine sees the need for rigid law to control human society and he envisions this law emanating directly fro the reverent. In his distinction between the city of God and the City of Men he makes lightheaded that the church is divinely established and leads humankind to eternal goodness, which is God and that in the ideal city, The state adheres to the virtues of governance and of the mind, formulating a political community.Both of these societies are visible and seek to do good. (Bonner 54) By contrast, the City of firearm exists to serve selfishly driven needs and does not partake of the Divine spirit of creation and Divine Law. The idea of self-love against the love of God separates the two cities an idea which springs from what Augustine was afterwards to regard in The City of God as the architect of the Earthly Citylove of self to the contempt of God (Bonner 54).

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Qatar Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East Essay Example for Free

Qatar Foreign Policy Towards the nub east view EssayQatar is hardened in Arabian Peninsula in boarders with Saudi Arabia, with only 225,000 citizens in a population of 1. 7 million. Qatar follows a conservative religious ideology, Wahhabism. While some refer to Qatar as the Second Wahhabi Emirate, it is traditionally known as the most boring place in the disconnect or the country known for being unnoticeable (Roberts, 2012). However, Qatar emerged as a strong present actor with ext revokeed networks of confederations in the world. The mediator role that capital of Qatar plays today is crucial in the region, particularly after the Arab Spring (HRW, 2013). Indeed, Qatar back downed the Arab Uprisings across the region in 2011. In sum summate, Qatar invested between $65 billion and $100 billion to the FIFA world cup that it will be hosting in 2022. The Emir founded a reckon of humanitarian projects in Sudan, South of Lebanon, Gaza and Asia. In this paper, I cause to ans wer the question of what ar the driving motives of Qatars unknown machinate _or_ system of government in the Middle East? And why, unlike its neighboring countries, Qatars leadership supported the Arab appraisals of 2011?Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, stated, we support those who demanded rightness and dignity, when asked about his countrys role in the Arab revolutions in an interview in 60 minutes . In response, President Barak Obama thanked the Emir for promoting democracy in the Middle East (Al Thani, 2012). Ironically, Qatar is an absolute monarchy described as an authoritarian regime that is ranked 138th out of the 167 countries by Democracy Index 2011. In improver, the Freedom manse lists Qatar as not free (freedom house), (Democracy Index, 2011).Therefore, Qatars lack of rule of law, freedom of speech and governmental rights diverge the Emirs efforts to nurture democracy and delegitimizes his political statements. In relevance to this hypocrisy, Qatars ex ternal insurance in general and its support of democratic transitions in the Arab region in specific serves its ambitions to secure itself from threats, abide by its status quo of an independent state and take a leadership role in the region. Political liberty and the Saudi Threat Al Thani family ruled Qatar for more than 150 years.Qatar attained its independence in 1971, when the British-mandate came to an end and after its refusal to join the United Arab Emirates federation. Since that date until the 1990s, Saudi Arabia acted as the de facto protector of Qatar. Consequently, the Emir took policy directions from Al Saud. However, this traffichip witnessed a transform in the early 1990s as tensions in bilateral relations between the two countries began to arise. afterwards the invasion of Kuwait and Sadams threat to attack the Suadi kingdom, Saudi speedily reached out to western coalitions in aim of protection.As Suadi presented itself as weak and unable to defend itself, the Q ataris began to incertitude Saudis ability to protect the Qatari entity and decided to pursue a strong alliance with the US. Therefore, between 1990-1992, Qatar signed a military agreement with the United States to host its military base in Al-O on the spur of the moment. In response, Saudi worked to block Qatars pipeline exports of gas to United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman. As a result, tensions between the two countries intensified. Later, in 30 September 1992, Saudi attacked the Qatari boarders leaving three soldiers dead (2012).However, the clashes did not stop there. In1995, Shiekh Hamad Al Thani, the Crown Prince back then, seized power after a bloodless(prenominal) putsch detat against his father. Of course, Saudi Arabia did not welcome the coup detat because of Hamads known strong motives to represent his countrys autonomy. Instead, Saudi financially supported another coup against the current Emir. Then, Qatar detained a number of Saudi and Qatari citizens who cooperate d with the Saudi government to bring the ousted prince back into power.These tensions led the Saudi-Qatar relations into a latterly freeze until rapprochement happened in 2008 (2012). Since then, Shiekh Hamad Al Thani led the modernization process to create a leaf blade name of Qatar. In its foreign policy, Qatar adopted diplomacy as a foreign policy rotating shaft that allows it to take on the mediator role in a number of regional disputes. In addition to its diplomatic activism and small size, the Qatari wealth that is invested in mediation efforts paves the way for Qatar to be a decimal point in the political game today. A Theoretical approach on Qatars MediationThe tribal nature of the Qatari society and the hierarchal system of the government lends the leadership absolute power to form the countrys economic-political agenda and foreign policy. The major two agents that determine the political strategies of Qatars foreign policy are its national security and its propensity to establish a brand name for itself. Hence, the principal(prenominal) key element of Qatars foreign policy is mediation, which is apparently is not a new political tool as the early Al-Thanis were forced to become experts negotiators quickly in anarchic corner of the Middle East (Roberts).According to Jacob Bercovitch in his book, Studies in International Mediation, countries engage in mediation for various reasons that acknowledge (a) a genuine desire to change the course of a long-standing participation to promote peace, (b) a desire to gain access to major political leaders and open channels of communication, (c), a desire to library paste ones ideas and enhance standing and professional status, (d) the wish to preserve intact structure of which they are part, (e) viewing mediation as a way of extending and enhancing their own influence and gaining some value from the conflict (Roberts). Therefore, from this perspective, Qatars employs mediation for the enhancement of its pr ofessional status and the acquirement of power.From here, Qatar mediated a number of disputes in the region including the Hezbollah dispute with the Lebanese government, the rebellion disputes with the Northern Sudanese government and the Huothis dispute with the Yemeni government. Moreover, Participation in mediations between states is of great advantage to Qatar. Internationally, it promotes a peaceful visualize as a peacekeeping state in an attempt to gain worldwide respect (Roberts).Peterson argues in his work, Qatar and the World, The fundamental advantage, however, is that it assures the legitimacy of the micro state. This in turn leads to the single most important factor increased awareness of and legitimacy accruing to Qatar- in domestic and external terms- enhances the prospects of the states survival(Roberts). Qatar neutral position and its small size makes non-threatening to other state to except negotiation with compare to Saudi which has interests in regional conflic t, which leads political parties to refuse its negotiation, e. . Saudi support of the government in Yemen and rivalry with Hezbollah. On the other hand, Qatar open up diplomatic relations with almost everyone.Qatars Foreign affairs minister, Shiekh Hamad bin Jasem Al Thani, in an interview on Al Jazeera, was asked by Ahmed Manosur, Al Jazeera presenter, I just want to under(a)stand one thing In Qatar you have relations with the devils and the angels, with the Iranians and the Americans, with the Israelis and Hamas, he continued, how can we understand this policy? (Mansour, 2012). Today, Qatar unlike other state in the region, calls Tehran in the morning time and Tel Aviv in the afternoon (Roberts). It was the first state in the gulf to host trade office of Israel, established good relations with Hamas, opened communications with Hezbollah, the Emir of Qatar was the first to invite Ahmadinejad to attend the 28th disconnection Cooperation council summit in 2007. While other Arab s tates alienated Islamists, Qatar was in good terms with Arab oppositions, particularly Islamic groups.For example, Yusuf Al Qaradawi is an influential Islamic leader, resident of Qatar since 1960s is the main guest who taken the Qatari citizenship is Al Jazeera chief religious show. Also, other Arab political dissidents were welcomed and took Qatari citizenship such as Mohammed Hamed Al Hamari from Saudi Arabia who form Youth Role in Change in the Arabic Gulf young activists from across the gulf attended the conference (Al Qassemi, 2012). Al Jazeera as foreign Policy tool Part of Brand Qatar project, is to gap ideas and enhance Qatars status.The establishment of Al-Jazeera in 1996 came to serve that goal. Al Jazeera is an important tool of Qatar foreign policy, with its shibboleth the The Opinion and the other Opinion and the channel shameless criticisms to Arab leaders and programs on democracy and political rights. Al Jazeera soon gained the respect of Arab public compare to other media alternatives that are state sponsored (Khtib, 2013). The channel broadcasted the revolutions across the Arab squinch countries except the appraisals in Bahrain .The spread of revolutions were feared by Arab states, yet Qatar seemed to support the revolutions through Al Jazeera. That is said to be reason that inspired the youth in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen to rebel against their governments and demand freedom and dignity. Nevertheless, The channel neutrality was under question, during the Egyptian elections, Al Jazeera hosted members of MB like Khirat Al Shater, and Moahhmed Mosri. Sultan Al Qassimi, a, wrote about Al Jazeeras Arabic love ffaires with MB, he discussed some of his observations, that Muslim Brotherhood supports were given the chance to express their views on through the channel while critics towards Muslim Brotherhood were barely heard in the channel (Al Qassemi, 2012). Recently, Waddah Khanfar the director general of Al Jazeera was replaced with Sh iekh Ahmed bin Jasem Al Thani, who holds degree in petroleum (Al Qassemi, 2012). This suggests that Al Jazeea is becoming less free to represents Qatars government preferences and its support to Muslim brotherhood.Apparently, Qatar calculations towards the Arab spring were opposite to its neighbors who supported Mubarak regime. It saw an fortune to ally itself with revolutions to promote for its image as Pro- Arab public and play regional role in Arab-Arab relations despite the policy risks its taking incase these revolutions were not successful. Through Qatars Money, Al-Jazeera, regional mediations and international pressure, capital of Qatar was successful in making the Arab Spring an opportunity so that it plays valuable role and take a leadership role in the region. Qatar in the Arab SpringQatar natural position had to be changed when it realized that change will topple the former leaders to stay at the head of the game head of Saudi, After Mubaraks fall, Qatar supported Musli m brotherhood in Egypt. Shiekh Hamad Al Thani, the foreign minster of Qatar state that his country wint allow Egypt to go bankrupt, Doha transferred five billion dollars to Egypt to meet its financial obligations. In addition to the financial support, Al Jazeera members Muslim brotherhoods are regularly interviewed to spread their influence. Middle Ease Scholar, Alain Gresh calls Al Jazeera the sassing of Muslim brotherhood (Khatib, 2013).Furthermore, Rashid Al Ghanushi of Al Nahdha party of Tunisia, stated in an interview with Al Arab newsprint that Qatar is a major partner of the Arab spring revolutions hence its also a partner in next period of democratic transition and development since it offers development projects to support the economy of the Arab spring states (2012). Qatar had to inject in Libya and Syria to sustain its leading regional position. It was the first country to lead the international action against Gaddafi. Qatar supplied the rebels with total US$2billion. On the other hand, Qatar involved in arming Syrian rebels like the Free Syrian Army.Also, it was successful in unifying the Syrian opposition. The importance of Qatar involvement in the latter is to counter Iranian influence by allying with opposition while Assad regime is backed by Iran (Khatib, 2013). In contrast to this, Al Jazeera was silent towards the uprisings in Bahrian. Qatar has been selective in backing uprisings there. The reason behind that, is Saudi Arabia influence that views the military post as Shia uprising and regional rivalry with Iran, hence any intervention from Qatars side in Bahraini issue would result tensions (Roberts, 2012).In conclusion, Qatar had different view towards the Arab Spring compare to its neighbors. Its quarry to play a valuable role in the region, made Doha change its position as neutral state and take foreign policy risks. Although the question of weather Qatar made the right policy decisions or not remains unanswered yet. However, Doha succeeded in playing regional role a head of regional power like Saudi and influenced the Arab countries to take collective action towards Libya and Syria.In addition, Qatar foreign policy faces challenges among these challenges is the reliance on money donations to support Post Arab Spring countries that would hinder progress in Qatari diplomacy. On the other hand, the lack of democracy and rule of law domestically puts Qatar legitimacy to promote for democracy under question. Moreover, making policy changes internally such as guarantee of political and civilian rights to citizens hold parliamentary elections and protection freedom of speech will give Qatar legitimacy and enhance its image in international community.